I teach women and millennials evidenced-based tools needed to manage anxiety and transform their lives.

Life doesn’t have to be a constant balancing act. You can get peace.

Discover your mood, get clarity on your current mindset, and match with one of my services.


 I specialize in helping Women & Millennials just like you manage their anxiety and break through negative barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals. As we partner together I’ll teach you key strategies to use when your mindset is working against you and how to lean on your strengths to get positive results in work & life.

I'M KIKI,  A LICENSED PSYCHOTHERAPIST & Founder of Moodly Modern Therapy.

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Feeling stuck, like this can't be life? Anxiety levels high and mood low? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

The Struggle Is Real...I Get It And I’m Here To Help

Let’s be real. Adulting can get hard. Whether you’re transitioning from high school to college or from college into the work force, worry can take over. Do you hide in the bathroom to pass the time at work? I get it. You need someone to help you navigate this transition, and I’m here to help.


Having relationship problems? It’s not as uncommon as you think. Long distance relationships, can be difficult. Parenting can be stressful. Breaks-ups can be crippling. Any type of relationship dynamic can have problems and my clients usually need help creating healthy boundaries to cope with them.


Most of my clients come to me because they are facing anxiety in one or more areas of their life. They are constantly worrying about the future, consistently feeling “on-edge” and easily irritated. Anxiety robs you of enjoying your life through constant “what-ifs” and gives your fears more power than they deserve.



Need someone to help you process your emotions and anxiety one session at a time? I provide various sessions for Millennials both in and out of the state of Texas. At Moodly Modern Therapy, we'll create goals and an overall plan to help you take control of your life and navigate “adulting” successfully.

individual therapy/coaching

A coaching program for therapists who are looking to fill their virtual practices with self-pay clients, diversify their practice income, master their messaging on social media, get consistent new client leads & make 6-figures all while working less.

Mindfully Paid For Therapists

I have two pathways to help you tame the overwhelm and create a life you’ll love.

you don't have to stay there

"Kiki helped me get rid of my mental enemies using her 3-step system so that I could find the confidence to focus on what made me happy. I began to grow my side business part-time while working the career I hated until it made enough money for me to quit."
 -Alexis J.

 You know you’re not feeling like your self. Why continue to settle for less? You don’t have to stay stuck. If you want positive results in your life and finally want someone to walk you through the emotions you’re experiencing, then you’re in the right place.

Get solution based strategies to ease your anxiety and stress. Make the first step, a new mindset is in your reach.


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