When you make mental health a priority, you will minimize anxiety, accelerate your mood, and activate your creativity. I can help you escape the hamster wheel life and eliminate negative patterns that prevent you from thriving.

true change takes action

It's Time For You To Focus Your Energy On Things That Will Push You Toward Success. I Can Help You Get There!

Mindfully Paid

Mental Health Coaching

Virtual Therapy 


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Finally get tools to combat your mental barriers once and for all, so you can live the life you deserve.

Get over the pain of your recent break-up, and determine next steps in your dating life.

Have the confidence to act on that idea you've been sitting on so you can have multiple streams income.

End the constant worrying and finally take control of your emotions.


Having trouble creating and sticking to boundaries, goals, & intentions.

Frustrated with your career, business, relationship status...adulting PERIOD.

Experiencing anxiety in one or more areas of your life.


where are you?

What are your pain points? 

Struggling with mental barriers like imposter syndrome, fear of failure, lack of confidence ect...

"Working with Kiki has helped me speak up for myself. I am now able to set boundaries that allow me to live peacefully with less conflict. She also taught me how to say NO without guilt, which is now one of my favorite words!"
-Sarah M.

An 8-week, premium group coaching program helping therapists fill their virtual private practices & make 6-figures with self-pay clients with weekly live video calls, unlimited email/voxer support, & scripts, website copy, templates & strategies for holistic growth & high-level thinking

Mindfully Paid For Therapists

Mindfully Paid is an 8-week group program for therapists who are looking to fill their virtual practices with self-pay clients, diversify their practice income, master their messaging on social media, get consistent new client leads & make 6-figures all while working less, from anywhere using my Retention Stack Method ™ that enables therapists to grow their caseloads quickly while leveraging my Multi-Session Commitment Formula ™ to retain clients & minimize cancellations.


I discovered my passion for helping Therapists grow their private practices to 6-figures, & THUS Mindfully paid WAS BORN

Mindfully paid for therapists

This service is for the mentally healthy human who needs support with combating mental barriers preventing you from reaching your goals. We will work together to get your life & business aligned with your mental health so you can see real growth. Want stronger relationships, strategies to build confidence, passive income? Schedule an appointment & let's get to work. 

Mental Health Coaching

If you are looking for a therapist who gets it, I mean reallllly gets it, i'm your girl. We will meet virtually over a hippa-compliant, secure platform where you can be in control of your safe space. I take a solution-focused approach to therapy (when appropriate), but I am trained in other modalities that I sprinkle in when needed.  Need more info? Schedule a free consultation below.

Individual Therapy

Sometimes you need to take it one session at a time. I offer two different ways to support  you on your mental health journey. 

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individual sessions are available

If you are unsure which service will be best for you, send me an email & we will figure it out together. 

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I'm super excited to partner with you over the coming weeks/months. We will work together to create the best plan of action to get you to where you want to be. 

create an action plan

Reaching your goals requires a lot of commitment on both of our ends. I'm committed to your success, and for this process to work you'll need to be committed as well. Keep showing up even when things get tough. The growth you're looking for is just around the corner. 

consistent commitment

I believe in solution-focused therapy. I want you to get the tools and resources you need to start dominating in your everyday life. Once we're addressed all your areas of anxiety and concern, my work is done! We'll talk about wrapping up our sessions and how I can support you going forward.


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All of my services are virtual. Make sure to join the mailing list & follow me on Instagram to know when my next speaking engagement or event is to meet me face to face!

Do you offer face to face therapy?

You are able to pay for services using Stripe or PayPal. Payment plans are available for coaching packages.

What are your payment methods?

I am currently licensed to practice therapy in Texas. I do offer coaching & mental health consultations for individuals that are residing outside of the state of Texas. 

Can you work with clients outside of Texas for online therapy?

Yes, email me to learn what insurances I am in-network with. 

Do you accept insurance?

frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions